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Gerrie's Family.

Gerrie’s parents met in Long Beach and were married at St. Lucy’s on the westside. She was born in Long Beach, worked in Washington, DC and returned to work for the City of Long Beach as its first Public Information Officer and Citizen Participation Coordinator. After leaving City government, she served in healthcare and in the legal area. She and Flo Pickett, (her partner of 42 years) have raised three children and are currently enjoying their 12-year-old granddaughter, and two rescue dogs.

Meet Gerrie Schipske, RNP/JD

Gerrie Schipske is a Long Beach native, healthcare consumer attorney, author, former Councilwoman, Long Beach City College Trustee, and CSULB educator, wife, mother, grandmother. Honored by President Obama as a fearless advocate of open, transparent, and accountable government, she is running on four major issues: Anti-Corruption, Neighborhood Protection, Fiscal Responsibility, and Proactive Risk Management.

As a healthcare consumer attorney, Gerrie has represented many clients who faced discrimination from healthcare providers and hospitals, loss of healthcare coverage by insurance companies, and denial of medically necessary care.

Gerrie served on the Medical Board of California for nine years and in that capacity, she reviewed and decided thousands of cases involving disciplinary action against physicians.

As a community leader, Gerrie took on the Long Beach Police Department and fought for reforms in the handling of domestic violence and sexual assault cases. She continued her work as a Presidentially appointed member of the U.S. Attorney General’s National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women.

Gerrie brought district elections to the Long Beach Community College District which opened the doors to a diverse, representative Board of Trustees.

She stood up against Long Beach politicians who wanted to raise property taxes and water utility rates.

Why Gerrie Schipske Is Running for City Attorney.

Where I Can Best Serve Our Community.

Because of my experience as an attorney, my service on the Long Beach City Council and the wise input of many thoughtful voters of Long Beach, I have decided that I can best serve our community by seeking election as City Attorney.

Everywhere I go in Long Beach, voters tell me they want reform. They want a city government that is open, transparent, and accountable. They want a city government that protects them, makes their neighborhoods safe and reduces and not creates, barriers for owning and operating a business.

The City Attorney shapes every law and policy passed by the City Council and can be the force that brings that needed reform.

I will bring that reform. The voters deserve no less.

Gerrie Schipske for City Attorney.

It just makes sense for Long Beach.

The Long Beach City Attorney has the power to enact important change. All that is missing is a leader who will use the full power of the Office of City Attorney to ensure that Long Beach City government is open, transparent, and accountable and that our neighborhoods are safe.

When Gerrie Schipske announced her campaign for Long Beach City Attorney, she proudly signed a “Clean Campaign Money Pledge.” That means she will not take one penny from any special interest, fossil fuel company, employee union, contractor, or developer -- the kind of money that no candidate for City Attorney should take.

Gerrie Schipske is also not seeking the endorsement of any political party or special interest because she believes such endorsements present a potential conflict of interest for the Office of City Attorney.

She also pledges that during her tenure as City Attorney that she will not contribute to, solicit contributions to publicly endorse or urge the endorsement of or otherwise participate in a campaign for a candidate for City elective office, or of a city ballot measure or be an officer, director or employee of or hold a policy-making position in an organization that makes political endorsements regarding candidates for elective office or City ballot measures.

With your support, Gerrie Schipske can be the kind of City Attorney we need. Contribute today and join us!

Gerrie’s Legal Service.

Health Care Access Staff Attorney, Community

Legal Aid SoCal

Executive Faculty instructor of “Legal Aspects of

Health Care Administration,” CSULB

Vice President, Medical Board of California

General Counsel, Teachers Association of Long Beach

Senior VP and Counsel, MedPartners

Solo Practitioner, Gerrie Schipske and Associates

Legislative Analyst, United States House of Representatives

Member of United States Supreme Court Bar and

California State Bar

Gerrie’s Community Service.

City Councilmember, City of Long Beach

President and Member, Long Beach Community College

Board of Trustees

Member, United States Attorney General’s

National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women

Member, Long Beach Chief of Police, Women’s Advisory Committee

Member, Long Beach Board of Health and Human Services

Co-Founder, Long Beach Cares

Founder, Rosie the Riveter Foundation

Gerrie's Education.

  • Juris Doctor, Pacific Coast University School of Law, Long Beach, CA
  • Master of Arts, Legislative Affairs, George Washington University, DC
  • Bachelor of Arts, History, University of California, Irvine
  • Associated of Arts, Nursing Science (RN), Goldenwest College, Huntington Beach, CA
  • Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, Harbor-UCLA RNP Program, Torrance, CA

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Congratulates Gerrie on Her Swearing In To

US Supreme Court Bar

Gerrie’s Honors.

  • Attorney of the Year, Long Beach Women Lawyers
  • Soroptimist Women Helping Women Award
  • Long Beach NOW Susan B. Anthony Award
  • Lambda Woman of the Year Award
  • White House “Champion of Change for Open Government”

Our City Needs New Proactive Leadership.

Most of the work of the Office of City Attorney to date has been reactive and not proactive.

The Office of City Attorney requires aggressive and creative problem-solving ability, which emphasizes the practice of preventative law while keeping City Council and City Staff well informed and up to date on all matters regarding legal implementation, compliance, and legislative impacts.

For example, Long Beach is experiencing an increase in homelessness, unemployment, and crime. Our businesses are reeling from the impact of an epidemic that stole their employees and their customers. Many of our residents are still struggling with the loss of income and housing. In the next few months, the safety-nets put in place during COVID will expire. There will be no more moratoriums on evictions, and we will see a staggering increase in the number of people who have nowhere to live. We must develop proactive, long-term solutions and supportive services that compassionately, yet firmly deal with the core causes of homelessness.

It is time to have a real debate in this City about who we are and where we want to go and what kind of City we want to leave for our kids and grandkids.

Gerrie Schipske is ready to launch this debate by using the full power of the Office of City Attorney to ensure residents, taxpayers, and business owners that Long Beach is proactively doing everything legally possible to make this City the safest and the most ethical and fiscally sound community in which to live, work and thrive.

Special interests and City Hall insiders were trying to engineer the selection of the next City Attorney so that nothing changes for them. They were betting that no one would challenge their hand-picked successor to the current City Attorney, who then could be appointed once filing deadlines passed. Easy-peasy. No questions asked.

Democracy demands that voters have choices of candidates and debates of the issues in every election. Otherwise, government is unaccountable.

The City Attorney’s ethical and legal duty should wholly and without reservation be to the City. It appears to be a conflict of interest for City Attorney candidates to seek the endorsement of or accept campaign contributions from a powerful, well-funded police union that has sued the City of Long Beach!

The men and women who serve in our Police Department deserve the public trust. That is only possible if there is a political firewall between the LBPOA and the City Attorney’s office.

I challenge my opponent to stop the political influence of the police union on the Office of City Attorney by not seeking their endorsement or campaign money. I also challenge her to disavow any personal attack funded by the LBPOA and special interests promoting her campaign. How her campaign is run will demonstrate her independence as City Attorney.

The voters deserve no less.

The Office of City Attorney.

The Office of City Attorney consists of

66 employees, including 25 attorneys. The duties of this office are set forth in the City's Charter, which provides that the City Attorney shall be the sole and exclusive legal advisor of the City, City Council and all City commissions, committees, officers, and employees.

It is charged with municipal legal responsibilities as complex as any in the state. The current annual budget of the Office of City Attorney is $12.2 million dollars.

The City Attorney is the highest paid elected official in Long Beach. The current salary of $319,000 was increased steadily over the past five years.

"Everywhere I go in Long Beach, voters tell me they want reform. They want a city government that is open, transparent, and accountable. They want a city government that protects them, makes their neighborhoods safe and reduces and not creates, barriers for owning and operating a business."

Gerrie Schipske's Priorities for

City Attorney

Gerrie Schipske for City Attorney 2022

Neighborhood Preservation and Protection.

The City Attorney must aggressively develop and enforce long-term solutions to the problems which disrupt the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

As City Attorney, I will establish:

  • Neighborhood Law Corps that utilizes an attorney (and law student) in each Council District to improve neighborhoods block by block by tackling serious problems affecting the quality of life in Long Beach. NLC will work closely with the City Prosecutor, City Manager and City Council to focus on how to improve code enforcement and deal with substandard housing, public nuisance and blight, vacant buildings, illegal dumping, tire dumping, conditional use permit and zoning violations, dangerous buildings, and weed abatement.
  • A Community Assistance, Recovery and Empowerment (CARE) Court Task Force to train and implement Governor Newsom’s new plan to get people in crisis off the streets and into housing, treatment, and care. The Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Court will provide Long Beach an effective tool to deal with homelessness in a compassionate but firm manner.


When I was sworn into the United State Supreme Court Bar by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, I took an oath that as “an attorney and as a counselor of this Court, I will conduct myself uprightly and according to law, and that I will support the Constitution of the United States.”

Because I believe every elected official and public employee should also conduct themselves “uprightly and according to law,” I will use the full force of the Office of City Attorney to establish the strongest “Anti-Corruption” effort to clearly state Long Beach will have zero tolerance for the unethical or illegal conduct by City elected officials, employees, and contractors, that erodes the public’s trust.


Fiscal responsibility and accountability.

One of the highlights of my public service career was being honored at the White House by President Barack Obama as one of only seven “Champions of Change for Open Government.”

As City Attorney, I will continue my efforts to ensure that Long Beach City government is open, transparent and accountable, by strongly advocating compliance with and providing training about the California Public Service Ethics Laws, the Brown Act and the Long Beach Campaign Finance Reform Act. I will require a "Conflict of Interest" review for all Council agenda items and require public disclosure if a City Councilmember has received campaign contributions from any party connected to the item.

As City Attorney, I will establish an “Annual Accountability Report” to provide an overview of how the Office of City Attorney performs each fiscal year and include:

  • A detailed explanation of legal services performed.

  • Payments for judgments and settlements of claims and lawsuits by category.
  • Office and budget expenses.
  • Dollars recovered by the City Attorney.

I will also expand the Office of City Attorney’s website so that the public can access real-time information on how the City Attorney is striving to safeguard taxpayer dollars by providing the highest quality legal services to the City and its residents in the most efficient and just manner. The following postings will be added: Legal Opinions, Memorandum of Law and Reports to City Council.

I will roll-back the salary of the City Attorney so that it is no longer the highest paid elected official in Long Beach at $319.000. The salaries of the hard-working men and women in the Office of City Attorney will stay intact.


aggressive, Proactive risk prevention.

The Office of City Attorney must proactively assess and advise the City on potential risks and to provide training on how to avoid such risks.

The City currently utilizes what is termed: “Traditional Risk Management” that typically only occurs after an incident has already happened and is done to prevent that situation from happening again. This is a very limited and costly approach.

As City Attorney, I will establish a Task Force on Potential Risk Events and Situations utilizing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) which looks to the future and attempts to determine potential events and situations that could or are likely to occur.

I will also establish a “Legal Exposure Reduction Committee” that will establish an annual Citywide and departmental legal exposure reduction goal; create proactive City Attorney procedures to advise departments

on various methods to reduce legal costs; create procedures to discuss areas of potential exposure; develop and implement specific strategies calculated to prevent future claims and lawsuits; provide updated training on new changes in laws and policies for each appropriate department to implement; assess the efficacy of corrective action plans; review management training and implementation of City policies; review lessons learned; discuss areas of potential exposure; and report annually on their progress and efforts.

Long Beach needs to prevent claims, not just pay them.

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